Sunday, March 22, 2009

From Jon 3/21/09

Subject: Huab cua zoo nkauj

Nyob zoo!

We had a nice week. Nice weather as well.

Monday was the first day we've had REALLY nice weather. The sun was a-shining and everybody and their dogs were out and about. We were in a terrific mood as we cycled 'round the 'hood. Oddly, the first five or so people we talked to were rather rude to us and wanted to argue about doctrine. This was rapid fire in the space of about twenty minutes. Later in the day, we met two delightful people with whom we had very uplifting conversations. One of these was with a skinny, old, black, homeless ninja named William. He wasn't drunk, just a little weird. He had some nunchucks, and showed us a demonstration.

The next day we were blessed very much, and were led to a man who had investigated the church in Iowa, but had recently moved. He lost his BoM in the move and really wanted God in his life. We were able to "hook him up", as it were. There was also another nice guy who called himself "Ron the Don", and gave us all "gangsta" names to give us some street cred. We were on exchanges, so I was with Elder Hadlock and Elder Nielson. Elder Hadlock's gansta name was "Shnalley", Elder Nielson's was "Prince Charles", and mine was "E" (to keep it simple).

Nothing really too interesting to report about our investigators; we still don't really know when the new baptismal date is going to be. Zoua and Mai Lee and Neng should be coming to church this week.

We had a really good lesson with Misty and Cindy about scripture study, and how great it is, and watched "The Testaments" with them in the branch President's theater room. They loved it and wanted to borrow it to show some cousins so they will start going to church again. It's a powerful film.

Well, that's about all I have time for, so farewell for now. Love ya!

-Elder Moua Ying

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