Tuesday, March 31, 2009

from Jon 3/31/2009

Subject: Tsab no lig mentsis

Nyob zoo at last!

This has been a very wet week, and remains so. Wet weather, and also a baptism! Wahoo! Yes, that is why I couldn't write on Saturday. Cindy Her, Tou Choua's sister, was baptized Saturday morning by Elder Moua Ying. Yup! I got to perform the ordinance, which is always a special experience. I remembered to bring a spare "Garcia" bottom, but did not bring a spare top, figuring that since I would be standing, I would not get wet above the waist. After the ordinance, I began to make my way to the changing room when I remembered that I was supposed to pull the plug in the font. This font has a chain on the plug, but the plug only comes out part way, and is to be twisted so it stays open. You can't twist it with the chain, so I had to SCUBA down there and do it by hand. While I was changing, I tried to wring out the top in the hope that I might still be able to wear it, but it was still too wet.

Anyway, the baptism went wonderfully, and Cindy's whole family came. While we were changing, papers were passed out for everyone to write their testimonies, and we are compiling them into a binder for Cindy.

Misty and Tou Choua are still working on Mawwage. There is still red tape. Tou Choua's parents are a lot closer to baptism now, and defend the Church and her teachings when their relatives anti them. Nouchi (sounds like "NEW key"), is Tou Choua's little sister, and is loving church and primary. She said she wants to get baptized because, "Cindy is a lot nicer now that she's baptized." We have never seen this supposed not-so-nice side of Cindy, as she has always been the epitome of niceness, but if Nouchi was impressed, then I'm not going to argue. We found out that Cindy's first name is actually "Hlis" (spelled "Hlee" in English), which means "Moon". Cindy is her middle name. Nouchi's name is spelled "Hnub ci" in Hmong, and means "Bright Sun".

How does Tiara like her brother? How does she treat him?

I dunno where Denty will serve...I think it would be neat if he learned an Asian language. Maybe he'll go to California, Laotian speaking. Or maybe he'll go to France, and once he's there the president will assign him to learn Hmong, and teach the Hmong people. Maybe he'll go to Thailand!

We had an Elders quorum activity (don't remember if I told you), to which we were invited. There was lots of food there and a bunch of non-members. One of the big features was Rock Band, about which I have heard so much. Our district leader was debating whether it would be okay just to do the vocals, since that would be singing, and that isn't really "playing" a video game. ;) We mostly stayed in the back with the food and talked to the non-members.

Love you, Love you! Will write toward you later!

-Elder Moua Ying

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