Sunday, November 1, 2009

From Kent 10/12

¡Hola de Chiguayante!‏

Hello Flamy!!

MyLDSMail must have something against me, I don´t know if I like, spilled Mountain Dew all over it or something, but it´s rejected the last two letters I´ve tried to send, both of them nice and dandy, so I´ve lost much of the will, I´ll get the rest of things back to you next week.

I´m in Chiguayante, a city 20 min south of Concepción, in an area called Tierra Bella. Beautiful Earth, and oh how it is. Very beautiful in landscape, and very white in field. We have 11 baptisms scheduled for the end of this month (9 of them we did this week). My companion is Elder Carazas, from Cuzco Peru, he doesn´t speak too much english, so I´ve had fun trying to figure out what´s going on. It´s only us two in our apartment, which is decent for an apartment in the U.S., pretty big for a house in Chiguayante.

I´ll have more next week, I don´t has much time now, Perdonadme.

Love ya Love ya!
Elder Kent Pimentel

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