Sunday, November 1, 2009

From Kent 9/28

Una semana más en los Estados‏

¡Hola Famila!

Pues, es la fin! This is my last week here in America, we got our travel plans on Thursday, and we leave Monday morning bright and early. Our flight from Salt Lake leaves at 9 A.M. Oct 5 and we arrive in Concepción at 9 A.M. Oct 6. ¡Oy! Es difícil creer pero ¡el tiempo es aquí!

The weeks have gone past far too quickly, that's without doubt. There have been some interesting things happening this last week though. One of the Elders in our Zone, Elder Stephensen got extremely sick, he's been out almost all week, so we had to take him to the Instacare, it turns out that he's got some crazy infection in his throat and pink eye.. no fun.

Elder Jardine, the Opera singer in our zone sang a solo for the fireside yesterday, it was most fantastic! He sang ''I Heard Him Come.'' Umm... not a whole lot else to be of reporting. Oh! The Lindseys (Branch President and his wife) spoke with Uncle Tom Green and said that he had a Pimentel as a zone leader and Tom said ''Oh those Pimentels are great people!'' so that's good!

¡Oh! This Wednesday we hosted again, and guess who should come trangling out of the car I was to host? None other than Elder Kekoolani! (Henry Kekoolani was one of my roommates last year) It was a most joyous occasion to see him again, we thought we were going to miss each other and not come across each other in the MTC, but alas, we did! :) He's going to the same mission that Jordan is in, San Domingo East I believe.
It's amazing how close we've all gotten with one another in the course of a few weeks; I suppose that when everyone is united in a common goal it's very easy to connect and become friends. I feel that I have grown so much, but in having done so can see that there is so much more to go. I'm excited to continue to press forward.

The Spirit is without a doubt present and His power is manifest. In the exercise where we teach someone as though they were someone we really know incredible things happen. From the one brief paragraph describing Elder Dushku's friend that he wanted to share the gospel with, the Holy Ghost helped Hna. Scaife know a lot LOT more about the friend than was written. We asked a question about her family, the vast majority of details were not written on the sheet, and Hna. Scaife plunged into a great amount of detail and things that Elder Dushku had forgotten as well. Very powerful.

Pues, esta es la último carta puedo escribir a vosotros ante salo para Chile. Quiero sabéis que los quiero y amo mucho, y que la iglesia es verdadera. Estóy animo de enseñar y predicar el Evangelio en Chile y en español. Daniel, venga a el templo tanto como puede con sus amigos, estarás feliz hizo.

¡Los amo mucho!
¡Tiene un día buena, haz trabajo bueno, los amo los amo!

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