Monday, November 30, 2009

from Kent 11/23

¡Segundo Bautismo!

Amada famila mía,

It's great to hear we're getting those units filled! Thank groodness!

We baptized Hna. Blanquita yesterday! (The first I actually performed the ordinance) She was our miracle investigator that came to Church by herself and progressed wonderfully. She's stopped smoking and all such things, and has told us that she really doesn't have a desire to smoke anymore. She'll be confirmed with Jocelyn next week (Jocelyn still only gets 2 Sundays off a month, it's a common way jobs are run here) .

Things are getting interesting of late. This last week has been pure insanity in regards to weather. Technically summer starts in a month, we're at the midpoint of spring. But Chiguayante is fun, it has its own weather system. The area of Chiguayante is enclosed between two ranges of mountains. To the east is a large mountain line that towers above the town, and to the west is the River Bío Bío (Río Bío Bío) and another mountain line. The valley is about maybe 3 miles across, and the clouds are very friendly in the manner that they stay close to the ground and travel very quickly. This allows someone only about 20 minutes of foresight to what the weather will be like. We've had (in the same day usually) sickening humidity and heat, strong freezing wind, furious rainstorms, and bitter cold. On and off. I guess it's a sign of the times, everyone is commenting how bizarre the weather is of late.

That and there's hubbub and rumors of wars. Chili and Peru haven't really gotten along much in the past and are in a bit of an arms race at the moment, both building up big navies and such. Peru just recently uncovered a Chilean spy and Oooohhhhhhhh goodness was there a fuss. Big fuss. That and the meteor shower, lights falling from heaven and apparently Utah got hit with a meteorite. This has people talking more about the 2012 apocalyptic movie. Actually one of the less active relatives of a member has reinvestigated and is taking the church seriously after seeing it. So maybe there is some good in that.

We have some hope with Marcela! When we stopped by this week she was excited to tell us of the things she had learned from her reading in the BoM, how it explained more about the fall and how it makes sense. She had read every day of the week :)! She still is faulting a little bit in praying, so we encouraged her to make sure she does that every day before and after reading. The tricky thing with her is that her husband doesn't really care much for religion, and so we haven't had a lesson with the family. Also, she is still hesitant about going to church because she has fear of meeting with false groups. This week we're going to try to get her to come!

Not much luck with Abraham and Juaqin... We're still trying to get in contact with all of them but they're rarely home, and don't have phones.

New investigator...we think! We contacted a girl a few weeks back in the street and she was very receptive to what we had to say and invited us to come to her house and teach more, but it's the old ''I might be around at 6'' rather than ''I'll plan to meet you at 6.'' The good news is that when we were going to see if she was there one day her dad came out and talked with us. Unlike the usual, he was very interested and receptive and wanted us to teach the whole family! Whenever he sees us in the street he waves to us, says hi, and tries to work out some way that we can get with them. It's still tricky though because it's near the end of school, so everyone's crammed with studying for finals, etc. So we left her with a Book of Mormon, explained it all and she seemed receptive to it and said she'd read it and pray, so here's hoping and praying!

Hna. Joanna Rivera, one of the less active members (for around a year, a bit more) has started coming back to church, we've been meeting with her and her family recently, she has a son, Christian who turned 8 recently and we're trying to get him back into the church and ready for baptism. Oh he's a rowdy one, but there's progress.

Mucho amor!

Elder Pimentel

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