Sunday, November 1, 2009

From Kent 9/21

For Pete's Peppers, I'm out of here soon!‏

Hola, Buenos días, buenas tardes, etc., all that jazz, Flammy!

Two weeks. Then I head south. Two of them. That is verily a few amount of weeks. Eeps.

I'm glad to hear that the e-mail worked, it was throwing a hissy fit last week, so hot diggity for that! This has been an interesting week for surely! Sadly, neither of the international Hermanas made it here... hopefully they'll show up some later time and be put into a suitable district. We know that the Korean Hermana was postponed and to be moved to another district, but the Tongan Hermana we haven't heard anything about :(. Pues, está bien.

Our district got to host the new missionaries this week, it was a jolly good time! Two of the Elders I helped around are going to Chile on their missions, one of them going to Concepción! So that was grand and interesting! On the subject of grand and intersting, I've met some people here of distant relation! We were coming back from dinner, I think it was Friday night and Elder Dushku took two stairs thinking they were one and brutally rolled his ankle, yea verily we did need to trangle to the trainer to whom it was appointed to tend to such injuries and wounds. Upon seeing my nametag of Elder Pimentel, he said "Hey, I've got some cousins that are Pimentels, A Lisa, Cari, and a Megan, whose parents were just called to be Mission presidents in Berlin!" Clearly, these were the same Pimentels to whom I am related. His name is Terry Eugene Jacobs, one of Aunt Becky's grandsons. So, there's another 2nd cousin to add to my growing list of family I've not known I have.

I also ran into another Elder Pimentel at service who traces his ancestry back to some Pimentels leaving the Azores for California, and others for Brazil, approximately 5 or so generations back; he is the Brazil half. We didn't get much time to figure out exactly when this split was, but it sounded quite possibly related.

Our teaching went nicely this week, we have three progressing investigators, and then the Teaching Appointment with volunteers in the RC every week, and then other ones as they come up. Our TA this week was very nice, we were teaching a non-Christian store owner from whom we were purchasing clothes. It's interesting the times when you go in having planned how you're going to teach the 1st lesson, and you only end up touching one point of it because they have different specific needs. The Spirit was very very strong and it did loose our tongues, it was the most seamless we've ever been teaching in Spanish, and the Holy Ghost did carry our message to the heart of this child of man.

Also had a very Very strong Spiritual Experience when we watched a brief clip about the Martin Handcart company and the three 18-year old boys who carried them all across the river. How powerfully and quickly it affected everyone in the meeting was phenomenal. To imagine that they could sacrifice so much, experiencing immeasurable pain, eventually at the cost of their lives for these people was too much to handle. And then to realize that that is exaclty what Christ has done for all of us... No puedo describir con palabras.

Needless to say, the Spirit is very strong here, and The Church is very true.

Tell Dave Happy Birthday two days ago, someone mentioned it was Talk like a Pirate Day and I did remember those things that had been spoken to me concerning his birthday being of the same day.

The new district that we got this week has officially settled in I think, they aren't as silent and nervous as they were the first day, it was pretty dreadsome. But they're good now, so huzzah!

I am verily stoked and excited to head to Chile, I'm feeling comfortable with the language (I can at least notice when I don't know a word and what it was I didn't hear, and can therefore ask) but of course I'm going to have to re-learn it Chilean style (i.e. pues=po, más o menos= maomao, and other bizarre dialect changes)

Well, I must begone of this place, I do hope that all is well on yonder home front, and if it's not now, it will be :). The Lord keeps his promises, of that I am sure.

Love ya Love ya! (Btw, I'm having good weeks and doing good works!)

Elder Pimentel

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