Monday, November 16, 2009

From kent 11/16

Subject: ¡Hola Familia! Primer Bautismo!

¡Hola Hola!

Fun to hear about Mom's recent stardom! Things continue to trangle along nicely in Tierra Bella! Jocelyn Sepúlveda(I found out how to spell her name finally) was baptized yesterday!! Her family all came for the baptism, so that was very nice, and a lot of the ward as well (Alexandra's baptism was apparently ''cold,'' only her parents came and not much of the ward) It was indeed a very very happy day. After church and the service we had super lunch both with the Riquelmez family (They recently had a baby, Emma. This is the same family with Antonia, our missionary plug for the primary, who is apparently only 9 years old even though she has a firm grasp on intricacies of society and communication) and with the Sepúlveda family. We were very filled.

Hna. Blanquita (miracle investigator) had a great week this last one, and is doing well with not smoking. She did get very sick yesterday, however, and was unable to come to church, and had to go to some medical place or other, so we weren't able to get with her. We were able to teach a lesson with her neighbor though. After he told us that she wasn't there we thanked him, left him a pass-along and were about to head out to our next appointment when he came back and said ''I don't have anything to play the video on, come tell me what it's about.'' So, with the ward missionary that we were with we taught him of 'bout the gospel. He was interesting, very very involved in the lesson, asking many questions, he had clearly been thinking a lot about religion of late, and when we said ''God wants you to come to church and to learn more of the Gospel'' he said ''Of course! There's a reason you came and knocked on my door.'' So hopefully there will be progress there!

We found a new investigator this week, her name is Marcela. She's what I refer to as a Luther investigator, those who read the Bible for themselves, realize that the churches around them don't quite fit, and go to none of them so as to not risk uniting with false groups. She was very open to all we had to say, we've met with her about three times and left her with a Book of Mormon, and she seemed excited to read it. We did a lot of talking about prayer and how to know the truth of things, that the Book of Mormon is true, etc., and it seemed to ring with her, but she still didn't want to come to church. Like most every investigator, she was more interested in religion than her husband, so that might be a problem in the future, but we'll see.

What made Sunday even more of a fantastic day was one of the lessons we had with a member, Hna Sanzala. She's the wife of the ward mission leader and took ''the list'' (write down names of your friends, pray to know how-when to do those things to invite them to the Gospel) quite seriously, and we had a wonderful lesson with Hna. Flavia, one of her neighbors. The Spirit was very strong, and she gave a strong testimony. It was clear that Hna. Flavia felt The Spirit, and she seemed very intent on praying for more witness of the truth. She also asked for blessing, as she was a bit sick, and she was very grateful for it. We will DEFINITELY stay in contact with her.

Fun things: Good gravy summer is coming. EVERYbody I talk to says ''Wow, you're burned, you need to use sunscreen'' which is interesting because I look at my face and it doesn't seem different colored to the point of burn, except a bit of my nose, but I'ma definitely need to use some soon because it is getting hotter. The Soc Soc did an interesting activity some time back, involving transferring Church paintings onto plates. Many many of the members have a plate on their wall that has one of the church paintings copied onto it, direct plaster copy I believe in the center, but then expanded on the corners and edges by the painting of the peoples' own doing. Very interesting. I'm beginning to see lizards all over the place now that the heat is upon us.

More day in the life: Tuesdays we have District Class and have to trangle over to a different sector's chapel, about 15 minute walk. That's after we drop off the laundry with one of the members who washes them (we do pay her, don't worry) Wednesdays are normal days, Thursdays we sometimes have other things, such as interviews/class with the President as a zone, or a mission conference for the whole day. Fridays we have weekly planning, so that takes the rest of the morning until lunch. Sunday we usually have some meeting with the Bishopric or ward council at 8, then church starts at 10. We usually attend the Gospel Doctrine class with investigators and recent converts, then head to Priesthood, lunch, work.

Don't do drugs, stay in school! (per en serio, there are a lot of people that don't follow that advice and life is not pleasant for them)

¡Mucho amor!

Elder Pimentel

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