Monday, November 9, 2009

From Kent 11/9

Nyob Zoo! (chiste, no más)‏

¡Hola Familia!

Things continue to progress and change all o'er the place here. We can't afford to simply latch on to one single investigator and try to work with them forever until baptism, there are too many other hungry souls to harvest. We've had to drop (or rather not meet with them frequently) a couple of investigators, Onésima and eScarlet. But we've found others to work with!

More great news with the Sepúlveda family! Alexandra continues to progress as a strong member of the ward, she's going to give a talk sometime next month. Yoselin still has a little bit of fear of baptism because of the opinoion of her grandparents. She was mostly raised by them, and they are strongly opposed to anything non-Catholic. However, she has the support, (more than just approval, actual helping and pushing along) of Alexandra and of her brother and mother, who as of this moment aren't members but are warming up to things and investigating. Yoselin has her baptism date for this Sunday, the 15th. Her brother has (of his own free will) started reading the pamphlets about the house and reading a bit of the Book of Mormon (Yaaayyy!!).

Ivan, the grandfather of Juaqin, was unable to come to church this week because of work, but he dropped off his grandson Juaqin (9 years) and his son Leandro(11 years) at the church, which they both enjoyed. We have some strong member-missionaries plugged in about every organization, including the primary kids, a girl (I think she's 10 or 11) named Antonia, so a quick friendship was established and they both participated in class, etc. It's very nice to have members that are attentive to the missionary work and offer their help in fellowshipping and other things as well. Leandro has a baptism date for the 29th.

Miracle report: Yesterday the daughter of one of the recent converts, Hna. Blancita came to church and when we met with her afterward told us that she knows this church is true and wants to join. So we're going to teach the required lessons and help her quit smoking, and she's excited, and wants to present her son and (from what I was able to understand) is going to have the baby blessing soon in the ward. Baptism date: 22nd.

One of our somewhat struggling recent converts, Carlos, is improving and coming to church more frequently, and his mom (former investigator) is reinterested in the church and wants in, and we have a date for the 22nd as well, we only need to review the lessons, strengthen her testimony, and help her quit smoking.

We're not quite sure what the situation is with Habrahan (I actually have no idea how to spell it, I've seen it umpteen different ways) he hasn't been to church lately and is difficult to get a hold of because he lives in a gated community (there are a bunch of those around). We're trying to work harder with his member friend that gave us the reference in the first place to get him to church and to help us get a hold of him. This is a drachma that must be found. (parable of the woman with the coin that is lost)

Fun things: The dessert that is had after every meal is some type of fruit. Usually it's a bowl of mixed fruit and yogurt, or some other fun delicious assortment. In Spanish, the Relief Society is called Sociedad de Socorro, or abbreviated, Soc Soc. It made me smile. There's a neighbor that we pass just about every single day who works as some type of auto mechanic, repair, painter, etc. just about everything for cars. Every time we pass by he shouts ''¡Hola compadres!'' with emphasis on PADres. It's more or less the Spanish form of homie. We gave him a pass along and he called for the video, but it's going to be hard to get with him at all because he works nonstop, all day everyday. There's also a local prophet that wanders the streets. He always wears the same coat, and usually has a wheelbarrow of some type or another, and is shouting constantly things like ''We need to pray without ceasing, and read the holy words of the Holy Bible! Jesus Christ is the only savior, there is no other savior, and He is the only prophet!'' and other such things as he goes about his day. When we pass by and say hi we're met with either a break in his stream of preaching and a very cordial ''Good afternoon brothers,'' stronger angrier preaching, or a simple stop to the preaching. Very interesting.

The weather continues to be insane, in the same day I'll need sunscreen a short sleeved shirt and a coat and umbrella. Ay.

Transfers are next Tuesday, and I might be getting a new companion, but we'll see! With the influx of missionaries coming to Concepción, I might even be a trainer for a greenie.

Love ya Love ya!!

Elder Pimentel (Pimienta(pepper), Pimenton(not sure, think it's a pomegranate), Schwarzenegger)

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