Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Kent 3/15

Si estáis preparados, no temeráis.‏

¡Hola de nuevo!

Things are all dandy dandy sweet sugar candy here in Chi-Chiguay-ChiChiguayante (Our zone cheer, similar to that of a "Go blue team!"). Life has pretty much returned to normal, we moved back into the house on Tuesday and have returned to the normal missionary schedule, though there is a lot more of service involved. There's no damage with all the continued quakes and shakes, they're just fun more than anything. However, a read of D&C 45 I believe it was did open eyes a bit, speaking of earthquakes in diverse places --Haiti, Japan, Chile, Taiwan, one recently in Argentina, and continued quaking in other parts of the Earth--, and the results of people hardening from it and raising their swords against one another --every street having erected walls and setting patrols with impromptu weaponry, and yes, many people actually had swords-- with the saints being in holy places --us locked in the Church for a week--.
So it's no question that the Second Coming is close, yea, even at the doors. In this case, I'd say you're hearing the key turning and the knob as well. (Don't forget the oceans throwing themselves beyond their bounds again). Such was the theme of the lesson Hna Chávez gave us Friday during interviews.

On different notes, we had a fun attack from aliens last night; a nation-wide power outage and the water got cut too at 8:50 or so. People were fine here in Chiguayante, I didn't hear of any hoodlumry or what-such. But you should have seen the stars! With a new moon and absolutely no light pollution, the sky was just FILLED! It made me understand why the Greeks and such ancient civilizations had such interest in stars and keeping track of them. Everything came back to normal by morning though, so all is well. We still don't know what caused it, but one of the members' neighbor seriously believed it was an alien attack.

I may or may not be leaving Chiguayante next week, things feel to be leaning to the not side, just because we're holding one cambio back on getting new missionaries into the mission, so with nobody new to be trained, there will be few companionship switches. There was a mass of people in the Church yesterday, I was quite surprised with how many came, and we had a higher number than usual for investigators that came to Church as well. So there's been an awakening of sorts, hallelujah.

So, all is well, Chile is getting back on its feet (at least Chiguayante is, I haven't been to other parts). Alas, I forgot to bring pictures again, so I'm going to have to write myself a note for next week.

Much love to y'all!

Elder Kent Pimentel

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