Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Kent 3/29


¿Cómo están querida familia mía?

Sounds like things are trucking along quite normally in yonder states, they're doing about the same here. The roads here are fine in Chiguayante, but I hear that the road to Hualqui (town about 20 minutes south of here, also in the stake) is pure Indiana Jones. A few sidewalks have pushed up wrinkles in them here, but there's no other damage to the earth (fissures, etc.). There is one investigator, Edith, 60 years old, baptized Baptist three years ago but feels understanding and light and clarity when she talks with us, who has a large front yard (most people have no yard) that received a large sink-hole of about 4 1/2 feet deep, 6 or so feet across. Thank goodness it was the yard and not the house! Aaaaalso, Elder Dushku from the MTC is now in our district, in the neighboring sector of Chiguay!

There's a huff of which ward Roberto will be a member of because he technically lives out of the borders, and for such reason will be baptized the 11th (Conference is the 4th). But he LOVES the Gospel! He's already read the Book of Mormon all the way through and is starting his second run, went out and bought himself some Church clothes and is attending Institute classes! He'll be baptized here in our ward, but I think his records will officially be in the the other one, so there'll be some work of trying to make a transition, but he'll be firm, that I know.

Moses 6:34 was manifested this week (Enoc was timid to preach repentance, and The Lord promised to justify the words Enoc would preach and give him powe). The Lord gives His servants truth and power to promise in His name. Last Sunday night we talked with Delia again, and she was a bit more receptive and nicer (she's still reading the Book of Moromon) and was sure that she couldn't meet with us at all this week because she'd never get home from work until 10, especially because of the increased traffic. Elder Law looked at our schedule for the week and said, "We'll meet Friday night at 9. I promise that there won't be traffic and that you will get home by 9." She was hesitant and said that she didn't want to commit to that because she didn't want us coming by and not having here there. We got to her house at 9 Friday and asked her about her week. She said that it had been a heavy work load, she hadn't gotten home until 10, 10:30 all the days of the week except for today, Friday, when she got home at 8. I'm quite certain that she's beginning to recognize and understand authority a bit more.

We finally got in contact the the Yañez family, the ones that contacted us in their car and wanted to reactivate. They have some great history in the Church, he had been a counselor in the bishopric, Stake executive secretary, and his brother is a Bishop, etc. Very nice and wonderful family, they don't seem to have had anything wrong with the Church, just that they haven't gone for a long time. They came this Sunday and really liked it, so hopefully they'll start coming regularly. They live in the wealthiest part of our sector, a few of the newly built condominiums (gated communities). They seem to have great access to all the wonderful things that we've missed here in Chile, such as blueberries, brownies, cheesecake, etc. Interesting enough, Chile is a huge exporter of blueberries, they grow them like crazy here, but don't sell them here! You can't find them in the stores, almost at all! They were kind enough to give us a box of them. We are going to be firm though and make sure that all our visits are for Spiritual purposes, and not for treats ;).

We had a very special experience yesterday. After running for every part trying to get the baptism of one of the ward children organized, the 1st Counselor asked if we could accompany him to give a blessing. So we went into the Young Womens' class and their lesson was on Priesthood blessings, and they had just talked about the Father's Blessing. Many of the young women expressed concern because this specific blessing wasn't available to them because either their fathers weren't members, didn't live with them, weren't active, etc. So between the three of us there were nine blessings given as though they were Father's blessings for the coming school year, etc. -school starts in march, but with earthquake is starting about now-. The Spirit was thick in the room, a strong witness of the truth of the Priesthood, I found that my tongue was loosed and that the words just flowed. I think it was the day that I had see the Priesthood used the most, as Kevin was confirmed in the morning, and we participated in the confirmation of Jean Pierre, then the blessings for the Young Women (The 1st Counselor also asked for one once we finished), the Baptism and confirmation of Jared, a boy in the ward who just turned eight, and a blessing of health (that sounds a lot less weird in Spanish, I promise) to a member later in the day. It was amazing to feel the inspiration flowing and the power of God's Priesthood, and I found that I was somewhat exhausted afterward, but with much greater confidence in The Spirit.

Keep doing everything good that you're doing! Love you!

Elder Kent Pimentel

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