Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Kent 5/10

Hola Familia!‏


I don't have too much time, so I'ma send picatures, and I spoke at the most of you last yesterday anyway, so we're good on most of it. New sector, small branch. I'll get some pictures of Quillon here soon.

A phrase has come about among a few of the missionaries here that I've coined, being "Chair moments." When I first came to Tierra Bella, there was a chair with a blanket over it and a few other things. I always knew there was a chair there. It had always been there. Yet every time I needed to sit down, move a chair somewhere else, stand on something, I'd go get one of the other chairs we use for study and that we have upstairs. It became a great hassle moving them all about. It wasn't until we were cleaning (purging rather) the house with Elder Law that I REALIZED there was a chair there. A chair that I could use! I could sit IN it! ON it! Use it as a stool! It had always been there, I had always known it was there, but I had never realized it was there.
I've felt that way about Joseph Smith since coming on the mission. My entire life I've known of the restoration, that he was a prophet. But so what? No big deal, why was there such a fuss, we didn't make one about Abraham or Moses. But when we have a chair moment and realize that God Himself and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph (as they both did to Stephen the martyr) who sought, that from that day the thousands of years of debates, councils, changing doctrines and confusion come to an end, that the God of Israel has made bare His arm and raised a standard among the Gentiles, fulfilling the prophecies of His servant Isaiah, that again pure holy truth is on the earth, that is when things make sense. That is when we REALIZE what the restoration means. God didn't reveal the Book of Mormon for nothing. I know that it is true, and as did the father of one of the missionaries here two weeks ago, I will defend it unto death. But more importantly, I will defend it unto life.
As He died to make men holy, let us Live to make men free. God is marching on and no unhallowed hand will stop His work until it has penetrated every clime, sounded in every ear and Great Jehovah Himself says, "It is done."

O Remember, remember.
I love you,

Elder Kent Pimentel

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