Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Kent 4/5

¡Feliz Pascua de La Resurrección!‏

¡Hola hola!

Great to hear that all is well! It's surely been an interesting week, we haven't actually had much opportunity for proselyting, but the week was fantastic! This week we had the mission conference, I was called on to give a talk on chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel, using the Book of Mormon. It went quite nicely! The experience with Jean Pierre was also referred to by both President and Hermana Chávez that day.

This week we went to Dichato to help with everything there. Dichato is a town close to the coast line, and was utterly destroyed in the earthquake and following tsunami. A few buildings, including the Church building there are still standing, but the majority are not (over 80% of the town is wiped out completely). On the buildings that still stood, you could see the standing water line that had been at at least eight feet. We actually found a fish plastered against a building seven feet above the ground. We mostly did clean up, which consists of collecting rubble and debris, putting it in large piles and burning them. I think we'll be heading back later on to help build houses and such. The missionaries that lived there are fine, but their house is gone.

Conference was GREAT! We were able to go into a separate room to listen to it in English, and when more people than anticipated came Sunday morning, we went into the family history center to watch it online. So I still need to see Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Scott's talks from Sunday morning. A very strong focus on teaching the Gospel in the home this year, no question what needs to be worked on.

So Elder Law and I had been talking a week or so ago about how amazingly Roberto has progressed, and that usually there's always something that gets in the way as opposition, but nothing had happened with him yet. Well, he broke up with Viviana, his member girlfriend that introduced him to the Church a few days ago. BUT he knows the Church is true and is still going to get baptized. He came to the Sunday conferences!

Enso's doing great, came to conference as well, and it looks like he'll be getting baptized next week!

Easter here is muuuch different from the States. Due to Catholic influence, the entire week is observed, especially Good Friday. The North American traditions are known of, and somewhat observed as far as searching for eggs goes, but only in a few families. It's certainly not commercialized in the non-religious sense (though it is quite commercialized, which isn't a step in a good direction).

Thank you so much for all your prayers and love, they are felt!
Much love,

Elder Kent Pimentel

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