Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Kent 5/3


¡Hola familia!
So, got the phone call this morning, I'll be trangling off to work tomorrow in the zone of Chillan (more east of here, I think by an hour or so) in the district Quillao (I think that's how you spell it, the "ll" makes a y sound). My companion will be an Elder Richardson, I don't know much about him, so we'll see how it all goes! So most of today will be spent taking pictures and informations of people. Pretty much everyone just says "I already added you on FaceBook." Oh the technology and world today.
Not too many news of this week past other than transfers. Diego is still coming to Church, so yay! Fabiola (less active member with daughter Fransisca who is investigator, I'll have a picture next week) and her family all came to Church yesterday, and Fransisca's boyfriend came too, AND without us accompanying them. Going to Church is now part of the program in their mind, so I hope that later on to hear good news of them.
Learned some interesting new things this week! One: The language of "Op" and its variants exist worldwide. We were talking about learning English with Silvana, Jean Pierre and Kevin, and then I jokingly said "Dang, we won't be able to talk in secret anymore if you learn English" and Jean Pierre said "You'll just have to speak in Leblib" which is the language that his mom and grandma always speak in when they don't want the kids to know. It follows highly similar rules of Op, just adding in per sylable, but it's trickier because you swap lebs and libs. Something like that.
Two: Strange trick-or-treating type tradition called the May Cross "Cruz de Mayo." On the 2nd of May (at least in the olden days, 20 some odd years ago and before) groups of children would get together after having made a great big cross adorned with flowers, candles, etc. and sing songs by houses asking for goodies of various types. If refused, the song turns nasty in guilting/insulting tones. It's not done much anymore, in some country towns it is, but not much.
I'll have much more to tell you next week as I'll be in Chillan, so best of all to y'all!
Con amor y un abrazo,

Elder Kent Pimentel

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