Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Kent 4/19

Como vuela el tiempo (How the time flies)‏

¡Hora famiria!
Chiguayante is still dandy dandy sweet sugared candy. Not too much new, but there are the goody bits. We've had a swarm of referrals this last week, one usually gets about 2 a week or so, this week we got 9! So we've been out hunting them round. One of them is a nice woman named María Rodríguez, her member son & family called the office and has been calling every day for reports on how the visits have gone. They're pretty serious about it. She was born Catholic, married catholic, etc., but doesn't know what it means. Most Catholics are that way. She's been diagnosed six months to live and decided she wants to know everything there is about God and what she needs to do to set her life in order. Great great support from the family with her, and she loves our visits and pays attention, a blessing. (Most people who love our visits enjoy talking, and only listen so so amount and thus, understand almost a so so amount).
Sunday with the Gonzalez family we ate rabbit that they had hunted the day before. It was good! Though I didn't notice much a difference between it and chicken, maybe a bit harder and drier, but it was still very fun. This is the family that we ate Shark with before Christmas. The shark was fantastically amazing, if you ever get the option to eat shark, do so. On the subject of good foods, thanks again for the sixlets, I had forgotten of their existence and the insurmountable joy they bring. I'm doing my best to finish all the candy before cambios (transfers) in two weeks. It's pretty stone set that I'm going this next cambio, so we'll see where I go.
Remember Karen from ever ever ago? Anyway, we got in contact with her again, she's the one that started talking with us because she felt her baptism was invalid (Catholic) and wanted to know the things she needed to really do. Well, we found out that she really wants to know how everything is after death, etc., so we gave her Alma 40 and taught the plan of Salvation. This time that she actually read, searching to learn, she felt a peace she hadn't before felt, and found herself being nicer to everyone around her the next day. Our next appointment she was eager to talk and learn of the commandments, everything. So she's going to be progressing along nicely, despite a horde of opposition from friends at work. Thankfully she clued in when they said "I've read and studied everything there is to know about that Johnny Smith, and I know that he isn't an Apostle from the dead like the Mormons say he was" that perhaps their sources aren't quite reliable.
The devotional went lovely Saturday night (we'd been working with the Sunday School to get an activity done for the last few months) and there were 6 or so non-members that came. It was called "Conoced a Cristo" (Meet/Get to know Christ -in Scripture talk command form- like "Know thee Christ" or "Meet ye therefore, Christ" something like that) and had 5 or 6 brief messages from recent converts about principles of the Gospel centered in Christ, with musical numbers scattered throughout. 30 min. before it started, we were informed that I was to be singing in two of these numbers, and Elder Law would be giving one of the messages. It all worked great, so no worries!
With all the signs of the Second Coming being fulfilled around the world, my mind had pondered over them greatly. As a result, I dreamt that there had been an earthquake/meteor storm/solar flare that caused everyone to be sent two months back in time, though we all had a perfect memory of everything that had(n't) happened. (And a permanent 5 o'clock afternoon time of day). So we were getting everything ready for when the earthquake would happen, because now we knew exactly when it would. Made me think of how more or less, we've got a pretty good idea that His Coming is much much much closer now, and that we need to making those preparations. So, make sure y'all are ready. (That's not just food and water storage). It's going to be an exciting time, though it will require much faith and obedience.
Con mucho amor,

Elder Kent Pimentel

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