Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Kent 4/26

Chao Pescado‏

¡Hola Familia!

Sounds like craziness is afoot in yonder Lake Salted (literal Spanish translation of Salt Lake -Lago Salado). Had another speed-week, I don't really remember too much of what happened, but nothing bad, so that's good. We did a mini-cambio with neighboring Chiguay, so I was with Elder Dushku again, that was nice. It's interesting to see how people have changed since being in the mission field, and always good to be with other missionaries from time to time to see their tactics, approaches, etc., and learn what you can.

We've continued working with the members like nutzo, as we've realized that they can get people to come to Church a lot easier than we can. (The past three weeks we've worked anxiously to get investigators to church many hours of teaching, working, etc., and consistently have met the number of planned non-members at Church, but none from the people we've worked with, so... yeah) We've made grand progress in this aspect, so hot dang hallelujah, work with the missionaries and share the Gospel!! There's a lot more success when members share the Gospel than just missionaries.

The world shrank again. The Brazilian boyfriend of one of the members just got back from BYU yesterday and came to Church. He speaks almost perfect English, Spanish and Portugese, and served his mission in New Jersey. I didn't catch his last name, but his name is Igor, and he knew Kelly and Nancy!

Send my regards to all the marriagites, the world moves along too quickly.

I leave Chiguayante next Tyoosday, to where I do not know. ´Twill always be me home though. The Gospel is true, This is God's one and only True Church, cling steadfastly to the Rod. One of the missionaries that had been in our sector a year ago worked a lot with a specific member to uplift him. Sadly, since I got to the sector he had gone inactive, and we ran into him today. After talking a while, the missionary commented to us that he hardly recognized him, his countenance was "filthy." Living the Gospel makes a visible change in people, so stay in it! And help others stay in it!

Con amor,
Elder Kent Pimentel

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